Physical + Digital = Phygital
The whole shopping process is digital.
The phygital store is an e-commerce extension.

Extend the e-commerce advantages to the stores
Improve satisfaction 85%
  • Find what you are looking for
  • Get relevant advice to decide
  • Bespoke payment and delivery

Transform them into a personal shopper
Increase sales 15%
  • Prepare customer sessions
  • Add items to customer's baskets
  • Advice customers based on their activity

The store is prepared for the customers
Reduce returns 30%
  • Customers try more products before buying
  • Know if the product is available in the store
  • Maximize floorspace and forecast demand

Manage the store with real time KPI's
Improve campaigns 30%
  • 10x more customer data to increase sales
  • Extend your digital strategy
  • 360º customer journey vision
Get the most out of their time

Know stock availability in advance and create baskets in the store.

Inspire your customers

Discover what the store has for you through smart content.

Help them to get what they want

Filter categories, scan items and request sales assistant attention.

Avoid queues to your customers

Manage turns to speed up the purchase journey.

Offer customized prices

Customized prices, discounts and bundles in real time.

Let them choose payment method

Let your customers pay with their smartphone and get a digital receipt.

Offer customized recommendations

Complete your shopping with additional products based on your likes.

Let them choose delivery method

Let your customers take the purchase with them or send it home.

Advise to make the best purchase

Provide your customer with enhanced product information and comparatives that help them to decide the best option.

Attend requests in real time

Help your customer when they need it (from the e-commerce or in the store) knowing in advance all the specifics about their request.

Boost customer experience

Prepare sessions with your customers, add products to their baskets, make the most out the brand loyalty.

Manage your customer returns

Provide customized solutions to your customer disappointments. Turn returns into exchanges and exchanges into upsells.

Make your product always available

Turn stores into logistic hubs. Move stock between them to be sure that your customers will get what they want when they come to the store.

Maximize floorspace

Show the most iconic products and let your customers request a product selection directly from the warehouse.

Predictive demand planning

Be prepared for the customer coming to your store based on their baskets. Be proactive and replenish stocks to meet upcoming demands.

Prepare stock for schedule sessions

Get everything ready for the scheduled sessions with customers. Let them focus on the purchase decision.

Know your store

Know what works and what doesn’t. Measure campaigns, products, sales assistants and logistics with real time KPI’s.

Extend your marketing campaigns

Define and execute your digital strategy at the phygital store. Bring in-store activity to the e-commerce strategy.

Know your customer

Know what your customer wants. Adapt the store to your customer journey preferences.

360º Digital strategy

Define 360º digital strategies for your customers journeys. Impact on your customers when and where they want.